Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Two new quilts in April:

Blue twin size log cabin measures 61 1/2" x 84"
Cost: 1500 THB/$48 USD

Blue flannel baby/child quilt measures 40" x 56 1/2"
Cost: 650 THB/$20 USD

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Quits available April 12, 2014

 Dear Friends,

Although the quilting has been on hold most of the past year, Sophoan is back and making some quilts again.  Here is what I have on hand right now.  Email me if you are interested in anything.

This is the largest quilt we currently have.  It measures 100" x 100", so could be used for a queen or king sized bed.  It has the beautiful sarong border all the way around.

Cost: 3200 THB/$100

This pretty Christmas throw measures 82 1/2 inches square.
Cost: 1500 THB/$47

Popsicle log cabin child's quilt or throw.  Measures 49"x72".
Cost: 800 THB/$25

And we have several baby/small child size quilts.  They measure aprox. 39 "x 54" and cost 600 THB/$19 each.
The backing of this jungle quilt is a light blue check.

The backing on this jungle quilt says "I love Mommy...I love Daddy".

This slightly larger quilt measures 42 " x 60"
Cost: 700 THB/$22

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Taking a Break!!

I wanted to inform you all that the quilt project is now on hold.  Two of the sewers went to Thailand to work last year leaving Sophoan as the only remaining seamstress.  She continued on this past year, but is now helping care for Gideon in Bangkok and is no longer sewing.

Thanks to a dear sister in Christ, our inventory is now down to ZERO!  I have had a few sales over the past few months, and now this sister in Christ has offered to purchase all the remaining quilts!  I am very grateful to God for HIS loving care over this project.  We started it because we felt HIS urging to do so.  And now it seems good to take a break.  I don't know if it will start up again, but I will certainly let you know if it does.

Many many thanks to all of you who helped make this project successful - providing jobs for women in rural Cambodia.  


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 2013 Quilts

I wanted to share some quilt updates with you!

Sophoan's newest creation called "Mosaic Memories".  Very colorful and very well done.
Measures 66 x 87 inches
Cost: $60

This red and gold "Annie's" quilt was made from a red sarong.  It has the pretty sarong edging around the outside of the quilt.
Measures: 67 1/2 x 81 inches
Cost: $60

This Cilla quilt is actually rectangular in size.  Normally we've only made square "Cilla" quilts because of the square nature of the pattern.  But many people have asked for a rectangular size, so here is a gold sarong quilt measuring 72 x 80 inches.  This quilt is already sold, but we will begin to make more twin size "Cilla" quilts soon.

Log cabin quilts are not new for K13 Creations, but here is a new look.  I like to call it "Popsicle" log cabin.  
This quilt has already sold.

 We still have lots of baby and child size quilts.  If anyone is interested in seeing what we have, let me know. This particular quilt has already sold, but we have many more pretty ones to choose from.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wow.  I can't believe it's been so long since I've updated the quilt blog!!  We are currently down to one sewing lady - Sophoan - as two of the other women are now working in Thailand.  Sophoan has made a lot of quilts using up leftover bits of fabrics and has made some gorgeous creations with lots of color!

We had a good selling season over the holidays and Sophoan made many beautiful Christmas quilts.  Here is a new one made from lots of little bits.  I call this a "hodge-podge" quilt/wall hanging.

This Christmas panel was donated to us, so Sophoan made it up for the church.  It was displayed through the month of December at the ministry center, and then was part of the decoration for the Christmas outreach. 

 The most beautiful and creative quilt Sophoan recently made was this quilt we call "Heather's quilt".  We are naming it after the person that asked us to give this a try.  Sophoan spent many hours in trial and error to make it all fit together just right.  This turned out to be queen-sized, but she will take it a step further and make it with the bargello border.  She will continue to refine this pattern and we hope to have many more available in the coming months!

Saturday, July 28, 2012


We are getting ready for fall and Christmas sales so we are preparing inventory for those bazaars held in Bangkok.  With thanks to some women who made fabric donations to us, some beautiful baby quilts were created!  All the baby quilts are approximately 39 inches x 48 inches....and cost $26 unless otherwise noted.  These quilts are available now in Bangkok....or can be delivered in the US in September.  Let me know if you are interested!!

Some very cute dog fabric was donated and Sophoan made both of these quilts.  The children at the ministry center hovered over Sophoan as she made these two quilts as they just loved the dogs!!  Both of these quilts are made from 100 % cotton fabric.

The following quilts are all made from cotton flannel:

The backing on this quilt has "I love Grandma" print!

Blue little animal print with coordinating blue and brown dots.

Pink and yellow giraffes

Pink and lavender hearts

Green animal print with pinwheels

Dinosaur pinwheels

Lavender and teal hearts

 We still continue to make the Jim Thompson jungle quilts in boy blue and pink themes.  This quilt is made from 100% cotton and costs $30.


Various Christmas winter scenes makes this a very fun quilt.  It measures 43 inches x 57 1/2 inches and costs $32.

Winter mittens measures 61 1/2 inches by 72 inches.
Cost: $47

Snowmen cowboys measures 51 inches by 61 1/2 inches.
Cost: $36

Please email me at if you are interested in any of these quilts.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Twin/Double/Queen/King Size Quilts on Hand

Looking for something larger than lap quilt size?  Here are twin/double/queen/king size quilts that we have on hand:


Multi half square quilt measures 66 inches x 83 inches.
 Cost: $60

Bargello quilt in yellows and blues measures 74 1/2 inches x 82 inches. 
Cost: $63

Bargello quilt in reds and blues measures 77 inches x 86 inches.
Cost: $70

Blue Springtime quilt measures 76 inches x 92 inches.
Cost: $78

Pink little girl squares measures 78 inches x 91 inches.
Cost: $78

Multi half square quilt measures 77 inches x 95 inches.
(Could fit twin or double bed size.)
Cost: $80


Teal Cilla quilt made from Japanese cotton.  Measures 83 inches square.
Cost: $73


Green themed Springtime quilt measures 88 inches x 105 inches.
Cost: $100


Gold sarong Cilla quilt measures 99 inches square.
Cost: $110

 Green and red squares measures 105 inches x 125 inches.
Cost: $120

Let me know if you see anything you are interested in.  I expect to be in the US in Sept and can bring quilts with me, or anyone locally can come by and see/purchase these in person.

Thanks so much for helping provide work for women in Cambodia by your donation!